10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight

When it comes to weight loss, the simple things are always the most effective.  What if there are other effective ways that can help as well?  Here are 10 effective ways, both old and new, to lose weight by manipulating your diet and a few lifestyle strategies.


1. Avoid Sugar :

Although many know to avoid sugar, many cannot because of the addictive properties and its sweet taste.  What if I said that 1 teaspoon of sugar is able to shut down your immune system for 4-6 hours after being consumed? That means you are prone to being sick more often if the immune system is down.


2. Avoid Grains :

Most grains are high in carbohydrates and sugar, especially if processed.  Grains also contain the protein gluten which for majority of people is hard to digest. Most people do not realize what gluten does to their bodies until they eliminate it completely from their diet and start to lose weight.


3. Increase Healthy fats :

High fats or low fats?  Put simply, when you take something out, like sugars and carbohydrates, you have to replace the nutrient with either a fat or protein.  Most people have heard this time and time again, that fat is no longer the enemy.  Providing the body with a high fat and high protein diet, also known as the Ketogenic diet, reduces many known conditions, such as epilepsy, obesity, insulin resistance, and as far as to help recover from brain cancer.


4. Increase Protein :

The big hype about protein, is too much really too much?  No.  Poor quality protein choices, such as tofu or excessive amounts of soy protein products, may be the reason to weight gain.  Although consuming organic or wild game meat and/or fish then there is no reason not to eat protein.  The body is made up of 800+ muscles, including organs, tissues and cells need protein.  Therefore, make sure to consume 1.4-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram body weight to keep a lean and fit body.


5. Increase your Greens :

Needless to say, greens help detox the body.  From experience, not many people consume enough vegetables, let alone those coming from greens.  If one cannot consume enough greens while they eat, then make a shake adding some green vegetables in it.


6. Increase Water Intake :

Water, possibly the most underrated substance by majority of people.  The body is made up of 80-90% water in which the body loses approximately 1L/hr.  Most research suggests to drink 8 oz/hr which is only 0.24L/hr.  For optimal results, research as shown to drink between 450-800mL/hr depending on your weight.  The heavier you are the more you need to drink.  Especially when exercising.  If you are one who does not like to drink water, add some lemon/lime, mint, cucumber or some berries to change the taste of the water and get the antioxidants from these food sources.  Stay hydrated!


7. Improve sleep :

This is one for those who do not sleep enough.  Improper sleeping patterns can affect hormones, affecting leptin and ghrelin hormones.  In short, ghrelin signals the brain to eat and leptin signals the brain to stop eating.  When you do not get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, leptin levels are decreased which make you want to eat more during the day, often times eating empty calories for quick energy, such as something with sugar.  Being sleep-deprived slows down metabolism.  Getting proper sleep can start shedding that unwanted weight that you do not want.


8. Have a cheat meal once a week :

Yes, you can cheat and enjoy life every now and then provided that you have been working your butt off every other day of the week.  What can you eat?  Literally anything you want!  Just make sure it is for one meal of the day and not the whole day.  From experience, a cheat meal can help further detox the body and more importantly take care of any cravings that one may have.


9. Don’t Stress… Seriously !

Stress is the major factor for all leading diseases.  It is true, the more you stress the more you increase chances for being sick as you subconsciously decrease your own immune system.  Life throws us unexpected curve balls all the time.  It is nice to always stay on track with a diet and training regime, but do not be so strict on yourself either.  You have to live a bit and just let loose at times.  The number one way to beat stress is to remain positive and focused.  That one time you forgot to take your supplements, or were a half hour late from having lunch, won’t ruin your results.  Find ways to keep your stress levels at bay and just enjoy life.


10. Add Spices and Herbs in Your Diet :

Fat goes beyond just what you see around the belly.  It is also that visceral fat under the skin, also known as cellulite, which appears more in females.  You see it more around the legs and buttocks areas.  If you want to decrease weight, first think of getting rid of excess fat.  By doing so, add some spices and herbs in your diet that help stimulate your metabolism much more so it can burn the fat.  Good herbs and spices are cayenne pepper to boost metabolism, curcumin for inflammation, dandelion and milk thistle for both detox and relieve stress. Other not so well-known herbs like Chardon-Roland, millefeuille, Meadowsweet, are great for getting rid of cellulite.  These herbs can be used as spices or also taken as a tincture.


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