Learn more about the team behind the Neuro Performance Institute and immerse yourself in their professional and personal journey, their skills and their vision.

Our Team

Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN

Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciences
Expert in Postural Neurology and Neurotherapy
President,Clinic and Institut Neuro Performance

President, Institut Neuro Performance Suisse SNC


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Due to serious joint problems, Nicolas had to apply major changes in his lifestyle. Having difficulty walking at a very young age, at 18, he had to wear prostheses for his legs and feet to stay aligned.

With no result in the short or long term, his problems worsening, he had to turn to alternatives other than traditional medicine. Several meetings with specialists in osteopathy, chiropractic, orthotherapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, applied kinesiology, naturopathy, and training have developed his interest in alternative treatments and the human body.

And so, he became at first a massage therapist 10 years ago, to finally continue his studies of the body with other specialists, like chiropractors specialized in joint mobilisation techniques, to finally look for an essential complement: the functional training. His vision is that we live in an environment far from which our body has evolved for millions of years. He thus develops new problems related to the modern era, as much by the transformed diet, by the overexploited sitting position, stress, repetitive trades and laterality problems, lack of cerebellum stimulus, etc.

He founded and operates the Primal Camp Athletic Development Center from 2012 to 2015.

Always in search of the causes of the postural unbalances, Nicolas developed interests in neurology. He took posturology training in Canada in 2013. Since 2014, he undertakes a certification in functional neurology and medical neuroscience.

From September 2014 to 2016, he joined the AAT Institute team (Applied Athletic Therapeutic) as a teacher and content developer.

In 2016-2017, he worked for Applied Movement Neurology Academy, based in England, as an AMN Senior Lecturer.

In 2016, he joined the team of the Equilibre Study Center (Ce2), based in France, as a content developer and teacher. At the same period, he founded and operates the Neuro Performance Institute Inc.

In November 2016, he became a writer for the FD Fitness WebMagazine, until August 2019.

In the end 2017, he participates as a special guest and speaker at the Virtual Neurology Summit 2018.

Since winter 2017, he’s doing a Doctorate / Ph.D in Integrative Medicine at Quantum University, located in the United States of America.

In August 2018, he graduated with a degree in Holistic Health Sciences from Quantum University.

In November 2018, he presents in Paris at the International Conference on Central Nervous System & Therapeutics. The subject was Posture and Mobility as CNS Markers.

Still passionate, he has now more than 8000 hours of training that he has acquired in 7 different countries and 10,000 hours of clinical practice. He has taught for 5 schools in 6 countries and wants to share his knowledge by offering courses to health and physical conditioning specialists in the world in order to change the current practices to a higher level.


  • Certified Posturologist Neurologist (American Posture Institute)
  • Posturologist certified in postural reprogramming level 4, by PosturePro
  • Education and formation
  • Athletic development
  • Joint realignment
  • Massage practitioner (international Swedish massage, anatomy-physiology, ethics)
  • Naturopathy and supplementation
  • Crossfit certification level 1
  • Level 2 Functional Training Academy Certificate
  • Level 1 Globafit
  • Certified BioPrint Practitioner
  • Kinetic Chain Enhancement Squat and Deadlift Certified Practitioner
  • AMN Neural-Skeletal Screen Practitioner
  • Z-Health Movement Reeducation Specialist
  • BodyTalk Practitioner (International BodyTalk Association)
  • ANF ​​level 2

Creator of the following training and presentations

  • Optimization and correction of movement – Force Sports (AAT Institute, 2015 – INP 2017)
  • Lecture: Physiological mechanisms – The science behind muscle testing (2015)
  • The integration of senses and motor patterns for performance, stability and mobility (Institute for Research and Experience in the Human Force, Edition 2, Lévis 2016)
    Posture, Movement and Neuro Performance (Center d’études Équilibre (Ce2), Nantes, France, 2016)
  • Ocular, vestibular and proprioceptive optimization. (Neuro Performance, 2016)
  • Lecture: Your brain, your Doctor. (2016 Health Congress)
  • Article ‘The bioelectric human’, for the book Végé Fitness Volume 2, by Jeff Morin (awaiting publication)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Bioelectric disorders, ocular and vestibular rehabilitation (2017)
  • Neuro Performance Level 1 Institute – NeuroBrain Nutrition, with Anthony Borsellino, N.D. (2018)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 2 – The use of energy pathways and light spectra, for health and performance (2018)
  • Lecture: Pain, an ally to understand for healing (2018)
  • Virtual Neurology Summit 2018 – Bioelectrical perturbations kills postural rehabilitation
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Postural disruptors (2018)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Sensorimotor rehabilitation, with Mike Arcuri (2018)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – The Myonik system – Joint anti-mobilization (2018)
  • International Conference on Central Nervous System & Therapeutics (Paris, November 2018)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Neuro Training for athlete or rehabilitation (2019)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Advanced foot rehabilitation, with Posturepro (April 2019)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Fears and resistances that prevent reaching a personal, therapeutic or performance goal, with Brigitte Korak (April 2019)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Nutrition for athlete, with Anthony Borsellino, N.D. (May 2019)
  • Neuro Performance Institute Level 1 – Posture and Breathing, with Dr Thomas (April 2019)

Alexandra Parenteau, B.Ing.

Bachelor in Engineering

Director of the Institut Neuro Performance Canada and Switzerland

Passionate about the health and well-being of living beings and their environment, my goal is to create healthy, lively, self-sufficient houses that respect the environment. I am actively looking for solutions, such as product creation, to combat the undesirable effects of certain disturbers including electromagnetic fields. This is why I currently specialize in green building design and physics.

Writing in progress of a training related to the impacts of electromagnetic fields on the living, online soon.

Formations – Éducation

  • Bachelor of Engineering, specialty Civil Engineering-Laval University
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Geological Engineering specialty (2 years, not completed) -Polytechnique de Montréal and Laval University
  • Certificate of Expert in Physics (in progress) -Bircham International University
  • Certificate in green building design (in progress) – Adapt Academy
  • Master’s level graduate course, Building materials-École de technologie supérieure de Montréal
  • Master’s level graduate course, Rehabilitation of buildings-École de technologie supérieure de Montréal
  • Master’s level graduate course, Digital models of design and construction BIM-École de technologie supérieure de Montréal
  • Online course, Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities-Lund University

François Roux

Vice-President, Institut Neuro Performance Suisse SNC


Writer of the INP-Quantum Jump and SNC course.

Here are a few things about me – not yet on the page.


After my secondary studies, I wanted to do a bachelor’s degree in chemistry. Following a sudden deafness of my father, I decide to integrate the family sports store in 1997. It specializes in ski boots, my father, passionate about the foot with almost 25 years of experience in the field, passes me the virus.

The store being closed in summer, I started training as a canyoning guide in Interlaken in 1999. On July 29 of the same year, following a big storm, I got caught in the deadliest accident so far, 21 people have died in the drama out of 54 people hired (3 guides and 18 customers). At 22, the shock is important and brings about an important paradigm shift in my vision of life and the real value of things … Things do not happen only to others !!! Therefore my philosophy is focused on human relations and lose my values ​​of attachment to materialism. This did not dampen my guiding claims and set up a canyoning company the following summer.

Over the years, I continue my passionate activity of selling ski boots in winter and supervising clients in the great outdoors in summer. I do all the training offered and organized by SIDAS / Podiatech (Voiron orthopedic center) in order to refine my skills up to where it could go. My thirst for research of solutions, pushes me in autodidact to advance on the subject.

March 5, 2012 – I get up gas, have a lot of trouble getting dressed, I had a double cerebral embolism … Good booster bite – it does not always happen to others.

Once again, the universe makes me aware of the true values ​​of things. More than ever, I want to help people … I am starting my training in postural neurostabilization. With three years of rather incredible results I am looking to go further and bim !!! Here I am completely entangled with the institute!

Accustomed to accidents, 3 operations of cruciate ligaments of the same knee, broken / displaced radius-ulna, multiple fractures of the nose, etc., I know the pre and post-operative rehabilitation and the related psychological implications. I never get discouraged !!!


French, English, German


  • Business School
  • Higher School of General Culture (physics, chemistry, biology, psychology)
  • Canyoning Guide / Instructor (1999)
  • Evasion Sports Director at Verbier since 2005

Training – Education

Jolianne Korak


For as long as I can remember I have always wanted to support people in their process to regain optimal health.
My choice was therefore naturally acupuncture since this millennial medicine allows me to act at all levels, having an impact as much physical as psychological, taking also into consideration the hygiene of life (diet, quality of sleep and current emotional state) to help you find your way back to health.
Having the constant desire to learn more, I have done several times what is called Mentoring, I have been “paired” with experienced acupuncturists in parallel with my personal practice, which m allowed to have a continuous learning.
There is no age limit for receiving treatment; you can treat an infant a few days old as well as a person full of wisdom to soften the last moments of a busy life.

It’s about finding the right treatment for everyone and if I find that this treatment is not with me, I can refer you to the best resource for you.

Since my pregnancy and childbirth, however, I have a particular personal interest in everything related to perinatality.

I am part of the service offered at LaSalle Hospital to support working women using acupuncture.
Find out more: accouchement-aaga.com/qui-sommes-nous/lequipe/

Training – Education

Michael Lapointe Arcuri

Recognized professional specializing in orthotherapy

Skills Summary

Orthotherapy is a natural therapy that combines massage therapy with physiotherapy (movement therapy) and is aimed at people who experience muscle pain and joint stiffness, mainly attributed to poor postures and sudden movements or repetitive.

Neurokinetic Therapy: NKT will identify muscle imbalances using unique protocols that will determine which muscles are inhibited and which are compensatory. This allows treatment and specific corrective exercise techniques to restore dysfunctional movements and reprogram the Motor Control Center. Using this approach, we stop following a client’s symptoms to start finding the causes.

Clinical research and training based on my personal experience

During my adolescence while playing my favorite sports, I developed chronic pain in musculoskeletal, digestive and several cognitive disorders. Even after several years of almost weekly visits to different specialists, I still had pervasive pain.

These multiple approaches have generated a lively passion to want to understand the source of the ailments with a desire to find permanent healing solutions. The proverb “You are never served so well as by yourself” is particularly interesting to me. The first step towards healing; my training in functional neurology and functional nutrition.

After 3 years of study in physiotherapy, I continued my studies in posturology in order to see the body as a whole. Pain can come from many different causes. whatever neuro physiological, psychosomatic or musculoskeletal, my duty is to understand where they come from. This pushes me towards the constant search for new knowledge that allows me to have many more tools to serve you. This is why I consider myself an eternal student in pursuit of a quest … global health!

Training – Education

Anthony Borsellino, N.D., Ph. D., K. in., Auteur

Owner and founder of Caballus since 2013

Anthony opened his center in December 2016 with the aim of building a team willing not only to help his clients, but also to build one another, thus improving each member of the team.

At a young age, Anthony brought a considerable and impressive amount of knowledge to the sector. Not only did he start to become a professional strength coach at an early age, he has been training since the age of 15 and has been learning ever since. His first diploma as a strength coach was with ISSA, because he is now a performance coach with one of the best organizations in his field, the Poliquin group, certified level 2 coach in PICP and practitioner level 2 in Bio-signature.

His experience in sport is remarkable. He has been playing hockey since the age of 3 and began coaching elite players, winning a championship when he first started. He is also an experienced footballer, having played competitively for 10 years. Anthony also obtained his doctorate in naturopathy and is currently completing his Ph.D.

With his knowledge, he can take athletes to a higher level, making them stronger and faster, teaching them to eat the right way before and after their sport, as well as throughout their daily lives.

Anthony also works in applied neurology, thanks to the knowledge he acquired at the Neuro Performance Institute.

Although he is officially certified as a strength trainer, Anthony is not just for athletes. It also supports people who are just looking to get or stay in shape.

  • Educator at the Neuro Perfomance Institute
  • Naturopath
  • Laboratory Work Analyst
  • Applied Kinesiologist
  • Iridologist
  • Posturologist
  • Neurotherapist
  • BioSignature 2
  • Author
  • Digestive system specialist
  • Work Analyst
  • Registered as the best naturopath with the International Association of Health Professionals
  • Professor at the Superior College of Naturopathy of Quebec

Manuel Constant


Having worked for a decade as a sports coach, Manuel first dwelled on the physical plane of humans. Anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and nutrition mainly.

These fields of knowledge having failed to satisfy his curiosity, he therefore pursues his thirsty quest for human understanding by immersing himself in the study of different spheres such as psychology, philosophy and interpersonal communications.

His growing interest in behavioral analysis prompted him to ask himself certain questions:

Is it possible that there are clues in people that allow us to better understand them?

How can we better understand an individual and his intentions?

Better still, is it possible to prevent certain situations from warning signs?

Eager for answers, he turned to synergology to complete a three-year academic journey.

Following his specialization, he chooses to draw on his expertise by designing training courses adapted to different professional environments and founds Syner-Go.

Passionate but critical, he is constantly training on the subject.

Charles Vaillancourt

Naturotherapist, Neurotherapist and Coach

Training – Education

  • Teaching Institute in Naturopathic Science (IESN): 4-year naturopathy program – graduation in 2020
  • Trainings with Avril Académie: since 2017, 1 day / month, 8 months / year, on supplements and health
  • INP1- Eye, vestibular and bioelectric rehabilitation
  • INP2- The use of energy pathways
  • INP- The Myonik system, the super manual therapist
  • INP- Fears and resistances with Brigitte Korak
  • INP- The Missing Link
  • INP-Postural Disruptors
  • INP-Sensory-motor stimulation with Michael Lapointe Arcuri
  • INP-What you have never been taught to become the best in your field!
  • INP-Private Training with Nicolas Desjardins
  • Private training with Jeff Morin on the hormonal profile according to skin folds (biosignature)
  • SSP Barbell Academy: Level 1 completed (biomechanical assessment, adaptation and progression of complex exercises, muscle structure, program design, powerbuilding), private training on periodization and speed development, training on lower body rehabilitation
  • Coach Export: Bodybuilding 1 & 2, Sports nutrition 1 & 2, Biomechanics
  • AAT Institute: Level 1, participation in level 2, neurotransmitters, cortisol
  • Thib Army: Neurological profile and individualization, Christian Thibaudeau in four steps
  • Agatsu: Joint Mobility & Movement level 1 Upper & Lower certification
  • Evidence Based Fitness Academy (EBFA): Movement from the Ground Up, all webinars available until 2016
  • Total Body Modification: Private introductory training
  • Metagenics: Probiotics training with Annick Moffatt, ND
  • Applied Movement Neurology (AMN): Neuro Skeletal
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming: Private introductory training with Claude Lapointe
  • Neural Reset Therapy: Private introductory training with Steve Moratto
  • BodhiFit Gym: Fatloss Bootcamp, Maximizing Performance 1 & 2
  • Applied Combat Methodology: base no. 1 (dodges and movements)
  • Kiné-Concept: Introduction to Shiatsu Do
  • Loki Motion: Training on optimization of stretching and myofascial relaxation
  • CPR, DEA and DVR training (A +: children and adults) in 2018
  • Dr. Hamer’s approach to total biology: Private introductory training
  • Geneviève Levallet: Clinical interpretations of methylation
  • Dr Benoit Lapierre: Spiritual Kinesiology
  • BiodyXpert: Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) training
  • Private Crossfit training at Crossfit l’Abattoir

Simon St-Jean

Posturologist, Neurotherapist, Specialist in nutritional bioavailability, Kinesiologist


-Founding President of the REVIV Center – 2019 to present
Human functions optimization center covering two target clienteles: people wishing to age as young as possible and athletes wishing to explode their potential genetic.

-Founding President of Posturologie Rive-Sud – 2016 to present
Center specializing in chronic pain, scoliosis and posture. It is a division of Katalysis which specializes in people who have tried everything to adjust their pain problems.

– Speaker / trainer for the FMOQ and AMORSL – 2018 to today
Training for doctors regarding weight loss in an obese individual.

-Founding President of the KATALYSIS Training Center – 2012 to 2019
Center emphasizing the interdisciplinarity of different professionals in order to allow clients to reach their health and body composition goals via the expertise, the care, the atmosphere and the pleasure of moving.

-KATALYSIS University trainer – 2016 to 2019
Overly well-established training to transition from training academic of kinesiologist and the profession. The goal is to train kinesiologists in providing them with the skills to enable clients to achieve their goals.

-Founding President of Ostéopathe Rive-Sud – 2017 to 2019
Katalysis division which is part of a 360 approach allowing a client with body composition and pain goals to train and be successful.

– BNI Consultant and Lecturer – 2017 to 2019
Train and support different professionals in the business world in order to allow them to develop their business and grow their business.

-Kinesiologist and Nautilus Plus trainer – 2007 to 2012
Allow customers to reach their health, performance and above all body composition. Being an expert in fat loss, I also had to make sure training of the different kinesiologists of the branch.

Training – Education

Dr. Hervé Thomas

I am married and father of 5 children.

According to my motor preferences and the MBTI, I am a logician (INTP).

For 20 years, I practiced Orthopedics-Dento-Facial with a comprehensive functional approach where the balance of muscle chains, posture and breathing are essential.

I am curious and passionate about understanding the mechanisms that influence the (more or less happy) evolution of the human body. The behavioral habits associated with our way of life play a major role in this evolution. To combat the undesirable consequences of a sedentary lifestyle, I first developed the post-respiratory belt which helps to establish and maintain better posture and better breathing.

Today I am developing the physiological seating device. This alternative to the chair provides physiological conditions for sitting and orienting the pelvis, and requires, without effort or discomfort, the maintenance of an organization and mobility of the spine in accordance with human physiology standing. It is a culmination and, it seems to me, a major public health issue.

In the future, I aspire to develop research, teaching, coaching and the design / production of educational solutions and supports in the fields of prevention and performance …

Training – Education

  • 1992 Academy of Nantes: Baccalaureate series C
  • 1993 University of Medicine, Nantes: Medicine competition ranking 33rd
  • 1993 University of Pharmacy, Nantes: Certificate in General Physiology
  • 1997 University of Chirugie-Dentaire, Nantes: Chirugie-Dentaire 2nd cycle
  • 1999 University of Dental Surgery, Nantes: Diploma of Doctor of Dental Surgery, very honorable mention
  • 2000 University of Medicine, Bordeaux: Certificate of General Anatomy and Morphogenesis
  • 2000 University of Medicine, Nantes: Master of Biological and Medical Sciences
  • 2001 University of Medicine, Rennes: Inter-University Diploma in Clinical Posturology
  • 2002 Michel Clauzade, Perpignan: Occlusodontics-Orthoposturodontics 1st and 2nd degrees
  • 2004 University of Dental Surgery, Lilles: University Diploma in Occlusodontology and Osteopathy
  • 2005 SFEROO Co-founder association SFEROO (French Society for Studies and Research in Occlusodontology and Osteopathy)
  • 2005 Co-creator of CINEATM, interactive educational DVD on ATM
  • 2001-2006 AGAPES, Nantes: Co-founder and scientific manager of the multidisciplinary center AGAPES (Gesture Analysis, Posture Analysis and Sports Evaluation)
  • 2001-2006 Intervener in Posturology training (AGAPES, IDHEO, ESO PARIS, COS, DU in Occlusodontology and Osteopathy).
  • 2010 INPI, Paris: Invention Patent 12 50556, Belt for the prevention of post-respiratory degeneration and post-respiratory rehabilitation
  • 2011 Author of “Posture and breathing, weight and cost of living”
  • 2012-2017 Speaker on posturo-respiratory dynamics and the morphological and functional evolution of the body (CREPS Guadeloupe 2014, AFPP Nantes 2015 congress, Guadeloupe Sports Medicine congress 2016, Guadeloupe 2016 General Practitioner Symposium, conferences for the general public …)
  • 2016 Participation in the book “Le mandibulo-spinal sensor” by Michel Clauzade
  • 2017 Stanley Keleman, Berkeley: Emotional and Behavioral Anatomy
  • 2017 EFPHQ, Montreal: Therapeutic Hypnosis
  • 2018 CE2 training, Motor Preferences
  • 2018 INPI, Paris: Invention Patent FR1870658, Physiological Sitting Device
  • 2018-2019 IQS Montreal, Synergology

Ian Verner-Gauthier


No matter what title we are given, we are the foundation of coaches who are always looking to be on the cutting edge of the industry. We do not accept to be the average coach, we want to offer you the best.

I have spent the last decade perfecting my knowledge of the human body by going through all the training and certifications available according to my interests at the time, namely sports nutrition, supplementation, periodization of training, functional rehabilitation, naturopathy, etc …

At the heart of this business, you will find a coach who is tired of seeing people fail repeatedly. It is important to understand that you have only one body, one health. My mission is to give you the tools you need to fully understand this adaptation machine and give you the means to reach your goals without however harming your quality of life, your family, your work.

Training – Education

– PTS CanFitPro certificate:
(PTS) Certificate awarded by Canada Fitness Professional

– ATP certificate:
Certificate awarded by the FTA (Functional Training Academy) training center.

– Certificate in Sports Food Coach Export Level I:
The application of food in a sports setting according to the needs of an active person.

– Certificate in Sports Food Coach Export Level II:
The study of the different hormonal systems, the digestive system as well as the symptomatic problems related to a bad diet. How to fix the problems and suggest adequate food supplementation.

– “Speed ​​and agility training”:
Training offered by Iperformance Athletic Training. The purpose of this training is to teach the different variants during departures and accelerations. This teaching therefore allows me to be able to correct a faulty race step in the perspective where the client and / or the athlete can take advantage of its full potential in terms of acceleration and race.

– “Training in food supplementation”:
Training offered by Mr. Jonathan Patenaude, naturotherapist. The teaching of this course gave me a lot of additional information surrounding the vast world of food supplementation and thus allows me to offer you the best possible services.

– “Training in functional rehabilitation of the shoulder and shoulder girdle”:
To meet a wider clientele, this training offered by the FTA (Functional Training Academy) allows me to work with clients suffering from mobility, strength, amplitude and / or stability problems at shoulder level and of the shoulder girdle. This course therefore makes it possible to identify a functional limitation of the shoulder, establish a functional rehabilitation plan and thus suggest appropriate exercises.

– “Training in functional rehabilitation of the pelvis and pelvic girdle”:
Identical to the training above, to meet a wider clientele, this training offered by the FTA (Functional Training Academy) allows me to work with clients suffering from mobility, strength, amplitude and / or stability in the pelvis and pelvic girdle. This course therefore makes it possible to identify a functional limitation, establish a functional rehabilitation plan and thus suggest appropriate exercises.

– Training in functional rehabilitation:
Dynamic Mobility – Assessment and Integration (Course offered by the “Functional Training Academy (FTA)”): This training allows me to assess and correct a structural disability by allowing a musculoskeletal system to perform its functions. In the form of a structured training plan, focused on functional rehabilitation, I allow you to restore the movement in its purpose, its globality, its consistency.

– Basic weightlifting training for functional training by the “Functional Training Academy”.
The objective of this training is to master a weightlifting technique in order to teach it to the client in a structured setting. It will allow the client to develop power, coordination, and acceleration of the charge. The goal of teaching these methods, correcting errors and providing appropriate modifications is to establish a progression according to the level of the client.

– Fitness Mania weightlifting training:
Theoretical and practical teaching of weightlifting movements by Mr. Christian Thibaudeau. This training aims to provide the tools necessary for athletic development.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic):
Training on the functioning of the adrenals and stress.

– AAT (Athletic Therapeutic):
Estrogen and thyroid hormones.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic):
Preparation for fitness athlete and fighting sport.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic):
Insulin, weight management and aging.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic):
Level I, The hormonal cascade, somatotypes and client evaluation.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic):
Level I, Advanced Nutrition

– ATP-LAB & Ultra Performance training:
Normality vs. optimality. (Training focused on blood formula, blood composition and hormonal deficiency)

– Admission as a member of the CPMDQ (Commission of Practitioners in Alternative Medicine of Quebec) as a naturopath and naturotherapist.

– IFN (Institute of Naturopathic Training): Naturopathy

– The Functional Integrated Therapy Institute: ” Certification in fascial Abrasion Technique for trainers. ”:
The objective of this certification is to correct a mobility disorder using the ” FAT-TOOL ” tool.

– INP1-Ocular, vestibular and bioelectric rehabilitation
Understanding postural disorders influenced by the skin and the nervous system.

– Muscle Nerds – Level 1:
Understand the methods of managing certain problems related to stress, metabolic disorders and overall health in order to facilitate weight loss and / or muscle gain.

– Quantum Education:
Programming and Periodization of training.

– AAT (Applied Athletic Therapeutic)
Neurotransmitters in Clinic: Theory and Interpretation

– Kilo Strength Society
Online Program Design Course

– Fascial Stretch Therapist
“Stretch to win Institute” recognizes my skills as “Fascial Stretch Therapist”.

Program Design for Athlete – Strength Code Club

AAT Level II – Cortisol, estrogen and thyroid

Member of the Commission of Practitioners in Alternative Medicine of Quebec (CPMDQ) as Trainer and Naturotherapist

IFN – Institut de Formation Naturopathique du Québec (in progress)

Xavier Hermanne

Training – Education

  • Osteopath diploma
  • Osteo pro sport diploma (support for high level athletes)
  • Posturology diploma: Bricot
  • University Diploma: Diagnosis of pain in the neuro-musculoskeletal system
  • University Diploma: Sports Osteopathy
  • Diploma INP1-Ocular, vestibular and bioelectric rehabilitation
  • Diploma INP2-The use of energy pathways
  • Diploma INP-The Myonik system, the super manual therapist
  • Diploma INP-Sensory-motor stimulation with Michael Lapointe Arcuri
  • FDM diploma: Fascial distortion Model
  • SFMA level 1 diploma: Selective Functional Movement Assessment
  • K-Tapping Diploma
  • Diploma in nutrition and active cellular micro nutrition
  • Osteo-micro nutrition diploma
  • Diploma metabolic analytics
  • Diploma in physical preparation
  • Crossfit level 1 diploma
  • Child Crossfit Diploma
  • Gimnastic Crossfit Diploma
  • FMS level 1 diploma: Functional movement screen (USA)
  • FMS level 2 diploma: Functional movement screen (USA)
  • SGA diploma: Global Active Stretching
  • Motor Preference Diploma
  • CTS level 1 diploma: Cross Training System
  • RMP level 1 diploma: Real Movement Project

Létitia Guéry

Podiatrist, Sports Podiatrist and Neurotherapist

Training – Education

Guillaume Siber


My education and my professional career have been developed with me values, such as respect for others, solidarity and thoroughness. My curious and atypical mind then made me want to understand human nature.

Former paratrooper commando, I was also able to develop and highlight an open mind and a calm of “wise”, by discovering both other cultures and some that can be put under stress.

I discovered that there is always something good in everyone. You just have to learn to look deep into the soul to see this human wealth.

It is in this sense that I offer support both in physical preparation and in therapeutic work through hypnosis and other methods of brief therapy.

“It is not because fate we refuse something chosen at a certain moment that should consider this refusal as final” Tony Robbins

Training – Education

Fitness trainer

  • certified human system trainer
  • expert in motor preferences Volodalen
  • certified functional motion screen
  • specialized in athletics and operational fitness (military)
  • sophrosport certified
  • certified in weightlifting, fitness and fitness
  • Europe Genetic Trainer director for physical and mental preparation
  • handisport certified
  • certified in archaic reflexes and podoposturo
  • certified in posturology
  • certified in crossroads with strength mention

Mental preparation

  • trainer and master practitioner in hypnosis
  • NLP trainer and master practitioner
  • certified in transactional analysis
  • Reiki practitioner
  • trained in foot reflexology
  • certified in psychopathology and neuroscience

Current course

  • psychoanalyst

“I am sure of a chosen one, I know that I do not know, while others knew the things that they do not know” Socrates


Steve Moratto

Founder of U Perform Better Health & Rehab since 2004.

I am pleased to share my passion for helping others in the area of ​​health and wellness in the National Capital Region of Canada.


In 2013, I started to develop the Ideal Protein Fitness program. In 2015, I launched it internationally to allow people on this diet to learn more about posture and exercise while following the Ideal Protein fat loss protocol. This new program has allowed me to broaden my clientele from various regions of the world in search of my unique multidisciplinary approach to allow them to improve their physical performance.

In 2012, I was invited to become the health and fitness guru for the Ottawa rock and blues radio station Dawg FM 101.9. I had the privilege of sharing my knowledge every week for six months, until I moved from my office from west of Ottawa to the beautiful region of Gatineau.

I have evolved my system over the years thanks to my thirst for knowledge. Each year, I improve my education by traveling the world and learning from the best health and wellness specialists.

Training – Education

  • Functional Medicine University Online
  • Barral Institute (osteopathy course), visceral manipulation
  • Quantum Technical Alignment
  • ANF Therapy
  • Quanta-therapy using the latest bioenergy technologies
  • Body Talk, an intuitive modality
  • VOILA Method which helps to vectorize the body
  • Touch for Health Neural Reset Therapy, non-invasive modalities that help the body eliminate pain while increasing its effectiveness and performance.
  • Posturepro
  • Kiné-Concept, renowned massage therapy and research institute in Montreal
  • CHEK Institute in California, field study
  • Grey Cook’s functional motion screening program
  • St. John’s Neuromuscular Therapy in Florida

As a teacher and mentor for physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, massage therapists and personal trainers, I teach nationwide across Canada. Previously, I lectured at national seminars for corporate groups, while producing videos for a nationally recognized fitness company.

How did I get into this business and find my true passion in life?

At the age of 13, I adored superheroes and idolized strong men and bodybuilders such as Arnold Schwarzenneger, Lee Haney, Rich Gaspari and many others. So, with these inspiring icons in mind, I asked my parents for free dumbbells for Christmas. Of course, my father’s parents bought my first set of 10 lbs dumbbells from me. The journey therefore began in my quest for strength and enormous muscles.

Throughout my teenage years, I read and devoured all kinds of health and fitness magazines and learned new training programs to take my friends to the gym and lead by example in training. Teaching others the journey of bodybuilding has become a routine for me. I had found my passion and loved sharing it with others.

Little has changed since my teenage years, other than the fact that I have significantly enriched my knowledge base and used all kinds of skills to help my clients reach their full potential and goals. I am recognized as a health and fitness guru who uses a holistic approach and that is what sets me apart from other therapists in the field.


I use a truly holistic approach when working with my clients. Over the years, I have come to realize that the body is an INTER-CONNECTED UNIT that cannot be separated or compartmentalized. The body is connected by the nervous system and the brain, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system, the glands, the organs and the fascia. Scientific research has shown that the body is interconnected and Dr. Candace Pert, one of the greatest American researchers, said: ” Biological and psychological activity are not independent; each represents the functioning of a super-system whose components can no longer be considered as separate or autonomous mechanisms. Scientific research over the past 25 years has supplanted the traditional view of Western medicine that mind and body are split with a truer, more unitary perspective. However, the conceptual division between the sciences of immunology, endocrinology and psychology / neuroscience is a HISTORICAL artifact. ” This means that thoughts, emotions and perspectives have an impact on the body in the same way than nutrition, supplementation and movement.

This is why I require a detailed questionnaire and an evaluation of your person before developing your treatment plan, which combines practical manual therapy, nutrition and supplementation, movements, exercises and mental habits.

Romain Roche

From his birth Romain was ready to die, he followed a happy childhood but accompanied by health problems, from sinusitis to staphylococcus aureus, from joint inflammation to Arnold’s neuralgia, the preventing clinics from becoming a sports coach. He often had recourse to the traditional care system but without success in the long term. To get better, he decided to educate himself on the side while studying STAPS.

He tries Osteopathy, Etiopathy, while learning about diet, naturopathy, and Chinese medicine. In a short time he observed the first positive changes for his health. He then encountered the world of vibrations, of Energy, an extraordinary encounter which helped him to be the man he is today.

He obtained his sports coach diploma in 2014 and adopted a holistic vision from the start, for him physical development must be associated with mental, spiritual development and food education. He believes in functional training, being able to take place anywhere, anytime and having fun, he joins in this sense the team of RealMovement Project from 2017. Always in search of improvement, he continues his personal development through food, Chinese medicine with professionals (GFMC), Energy by adding posturology, neurology, chromotherapy and kinesiology. Today, thanks to his multiple experiences and the multiple trainings in which he has participated, Romain created his own practice, returning to the basics of the human being to balance and improve his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self. For him the human body can change any negative vibration into positive vibration, “The only thing that does not change is that everything changes all the time”, this sentence takes on its full meaning in his practice. Today, he wants to allow people to be more independent with regard to their well-being and to bring the field of Energy into the world of sport and therapy.

Training – Education

  • STAPS Sports Training License at Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III Specialties in Rugby and Football (2014).
  • STAPS Sports Training License at Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III Specialties in Athletic Sports (Weightlifting and Athletic Strength) (2018).
  • Rugby Educator Diploma (Toulousain Stadium Training) (2014)
  • Trained by Mario Bracco (naturopathic food and bodybuilding training) (2013-2014)
  • Trained by Fred Marcérou (physical, mental preparation, diet, personal development) (2014-2019)
  • Trained by Keegan Smith (physical, mental, food, lifestyle preparation) (2017-2019)
  • Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor with Stéphane Dogman (2016)
  • Innovation and Performance Institute level 1 and 2
  • INP1- Eye, vestibular and bioelectric rehabilitation
  • INP2- The use of energy pathways
  • INP- Nutrition for sport and organic testing with Anthony Borsellino
  • INP- The Missing Link with Steve Moratto
  • Training in Chinese massage with the G.F.M.C (2019-2023)
  • Training in Chinese Energy Physiology with the G.F.M.C (2017)
  • Energy and Reiki therapist trained by Charles Labenelle since 2013
  • Coach Certification RealMovement lvl X et 1 (2017)
  • Paul Check Level 1 Training (2019)
  • Business training by Alex Kiffer (2018)
  • PSE1 training
  • Weightlifting Seminar with Benjamin Hennequin and Oliver Maurelli
  • “Re-athletics” seminar with Mickael Berthommier
  • Strength development seminar with Olivier Bolliet
  • “Wim Hof ​​Method” seminar with Jean François Tual
  • Strength development seminar with Carlos Araneda
  • Several Real Movement Project seminars

Professional experience

Physical training

  • Work with TO XIII and Préscillia Bavoil in the field of Energy 2020
  • Physical trainer of the Football Club L’Isle-Jourdain 2016-2017 season
  • Physical trainer for the rugby school (U7-U9-U11-U13)
  • Training of physical trainer specialized in rugby with Bernard BAISSE (physical trainer of the Stade
  • Toulousain hope team)
  • Education as a rugby teacher certificate

Coach-Football Club L’Ilse-Jourdain 01/2013 – 05/21013

  • Support for training with other educators
  • Support for a team during the various tournaments
  • Setting of objectives to be achieved with the team

Observation in physical preparation and training-Toulouse Football Club 09/2012 – 01/2013

  • Observation of training methods
  • Debriefing of sessions with the physical trainer

Company journey

  • Co-creator of Team ATL (Athletic Training Lifestyle) 2018-2019
  • Creation of articles, videos, seminars
  • Within the ATL group for my specialization in “Lifestyle”, food and well-being.
  • Creation of the book “My Life”.
  • Leaving in 2019 ATL.
  • Auto-entrepreneur since November 2016:
  • Coach Sportif at Fitness Park
  • Head Trainer Basic Fit
  • Conference on food at the well-being fair in Ségoufielle in 2016
  • Sports Coach specialized in well-being for the Sadhana Institute in Colomiers
  • Corporate Sports Coach with the company “In Functional Training & Therapy”
  • Remote tracking
  • Seminar on the use of the Kettlebell
  • Seminar (weekend) on training, coach and student relationship, food, breathing method “wim hof”.
  • Creation of a training on well-being on the theme of food, breathing, water, movement, grounding, hormones, adaptogenic plants …
  • Webinar for RealMovement France on Chinese medicine and energy.
  • Co-creator of “Meet with yourself” during confinement.

Marc-André Fournier

Massage Therapist

Suction Cup Therapy Specialist

FST (Fascial Strech Therapy)

Coach for 14 years

I started my passion for combat sports very young (4 years old). Subsequently, I practiced weightlifting in sport-study and this experience of 3 years allowed me to be part of the top 50 of the next generation of Quebecers. After an injury, I got into bodybuilding and from there my interest in food and biomechanics took shape. Later, I returned to studies in massage therapy and various manual methods. I also taught vacuum therapy for 2 years with Massothérapie Sportive Marie-Claude Légaré. After 12 years of competitions, a professional card in the natural IDFA circuit, I decided to retire to take care of the athletes with whom I have the chance to work. Founder of the Fokus Multi-Health Complex, a private training and therapy center, I combine my knowledge in order to obtain optimal results for all.

Training – Education

  • Coach Export: Sports nutrition level 1 -2 -3
  • Applied Athletic Therapeutic (AAT): The hormonal cascade, somatotypes and client evaluation.
  • SSP Barbell Club: Hormonal modulation through training.
  • SSP Barbell Club: Biomechanical Assessment
  • University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières (UQTA): The musculoskeletal system.
  • Quantum Academie: Programming and Periodization of training.
  • Sports Massage Therapy Marie-Claude Légaré: The contemporary method of suction cups level 1 and 2
  • Energiesens: Diploma in Massage Therapy.
  • Strech to win: Fascial Strech Therapis (FST)
  • Thibarmy: Neurological profile, Christian Thibaudeau in 4 steps.
  • INP-Sensory-Motor stimulation with Michael Lapointe Arcuri
  • INP-The functional foot
  • INP1- Eye, vestibular and bioelectric rehabilitation

Joël Castanet, M.K.D.E.

It was in 1983 that I started my internship practice in hospitals (France). In 1988, I had the privilege of practicing in Mauritius in a private clinic and for the Ministry of Sports. I then practiced alternately in France and Quebec until today. Each country allowed me to enrich my basic training with techniques which today make my global approach both physically and psychologically.

From my personal experience, my interest goes especially in the care of people with a severe handicap or being at the end of life. It is with this in mind that I have been leading conferences and seminars on the theme of “The Human Condition” for several years.


  • Former hospital intern in France (M.K.D.E.)
  • 30 years of physiotherapy massage practice
  • Teaching and conferences
  • Diploma masseur-physiotherapist from France. (1987)

Additional training

  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Psychosomatic
  • Philosophical talks

Lisa Marcovici

Since the year 2000, Lisa Marcovici has been very active in encouraging students, teachers, therapists and parents to take up Brain Gym®. Certified trainer in Brain Gym since 2006, Her training has toured several associations: Literacy, Multiple Sclerosis, People with Aphasia in Laval, as well as universities in Quebec such as UQAM, Concordia and McGill. She teaches in daycare centers, daycare centers and schools across Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe, in addition to receiving clients in private practice. Elected member of the faculty of “Brain Gym® International” in 2015, her goal is to make Kinesthetic Education accessible to all in a fun and practical way.


Architect graduated from McGill University (1985 B. Arch), I worked in architecture in Montreal for more than eleven years. When my son was born in 1996, I retired to become a full-time mom.

In 2001, I started playing with Brain Gym® exercises in my son’s kindergarten class to help the group stay calm and reduce the need for constant discipline. The other teachers were curious to know more and very quickly Brain Gym spread to this elementary school here in Montreal.

The successes were accumulating and I wanted to better understand the link between movement and learning to offer this powerful tool to other children. I decided to become a certified kinesthetic education consultant (Brain gym).

Since 2006, I have been offering Brain Gym training to a wide variety of audiences, including parents, educators, professionals and therapists. In 2011, I founded Rekinéxion with the objective of supporting and promoting the kinesthetic education community, as well as ensuring its growth by offering Brain Gym services and training for all those seeking to reach their full potential. .

The courses that Lisa Marcovici offers:

  • Brain Gym Introduction (half day)
  • The ABCs of Development and Movement: Fondaton for Life and Learning (1 day)
  • Connected from head to toe * (1 day)
  • Connected learning (1 day)
  • Young explorers connected (1 day)
  • Brain Gym 101: Daily balance * (24 hrs)
  • Optimal brain organization * (21hrs)
  • In Depth: 7 Dimensions of Intelligence * (32hrs)
  • Teacher’s internship – Practicum * (32 hrs)
  • Brain Gym physiology * (16 hrs)
  • Dominance profiles * (8hrs or 16 hrs)
  • Activity components (special needs) (1 day)
  • * Workshop or training recognized by Brain Gym International for certification.

Olivier Lévesque, N.D.

Training – Education

Brigitte Korak

Brigitte Korak, president of www.ZoneExcellence.com, has over 30 years of experience in the high performance world as an athlete, coach, trainer and certified specialist in mental preparation / NLP and speaker.

She is the only holder in Canada and the United States of a NLP license specialized in mental preparation Sports & Performances, LSPC ™. She also works as a Mentor for professionals, as well as a life & performance coach.

His journey has led him to develop cutting edge training on an international scale to allow individuals, professionals and stakeholders in helping relationships to understand how to use the power of the mind to access powerful internal resources to reduce stress at daily, keep an emotional balance and optimize performance, so that you can achieve your goals healthily.

Its mission: To inspire and awaken human potential so that everyone can be the best version of themselves.

Training – Education

  • Bachelor; E.I. Psychology & Public Relations
  • Behavioral Language Analysis Practitioner (LAB Profiler)
  • Ericksonian / Humanist Hypnosis Training
  • NLP Master Practitioner, Bodywork specialization
  • LSPC ™ certified mental preparation specialist
  • Teaching training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) certified by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP & The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™
  • RITMA * Naturopathy Member

Prescillia Bavoil (Lya Powerlift)

25 years
Athletic strength athlete
Fan number 1 of Celine Dion

In the 63kg female category, she holds several titles:

  • 4 x French Champion
  • Vice-European Champion in 2018
  • European champion in 2019
  • 3rd at the World Championship in 2019
  • World Squat Record (188kg to 63kg bodyweight)
  • World Squat Record (193kg to 63kg bodyweight) at the 2019 European Championship

His last personal scores in Powerlifting:

  • 105kg bench (bench press)
  • 216kg deadlift (deadlift)
  • 193kg squat