International Institute for Continuing Education specializing in integrative medicine, neurotherapy, posturology, nutrition and sports performance

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Human : A Global Approach

Our approach considers the human being as a whole, we promote the development of healthy lifestyles. We offer training for specialists or people looking for learning in health field. Our strength is to combine revolutionary techniques and easily integrate them into the current therapeutic protocol of all health specialists, such as chiropractors, physiotherapists, osteopaths, massage therapists, kinesiologists, etc.

Say Goodbye to Pain and Jump Into Performance

The human body is composed of complex systems that constantly communicate with each other: the hormonal system, the circadian cycle (sleep), the acid-base balance, the musculoskeletal structure, the nervous impulses, the psychoemotional state, the digestive system, etc. The balance between our systems is fragile, so that if one of them fails, the others are quickly affected. In this pratice, the therapist tries to determine what disturbs the nervous system in order to correct the bioelectric disorders at the source of the pain.

Nicolas Desjardins

President and Founder

Nicolas Desjardins is an international practitioner and speaker, expert in postural neurology and neurotherapy. He is in the process of completing a Ph.D in Integrative Medicine. Following personal health problems, he embarked on the study of alternative treatments to better understand the human body. He has now studied in over 7 countries, taught hundreds of people around the world, and cared for thousands of patients. Find out more about his professional journey.

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