Brain development at birth

Brain development is probably one of the most fascinating research subjects so far.


For many millennia, it was commonly believed that mental activity had its seat in the center of the human body, in the heart. Aristotle defended this point of view against Hippocrates for example, for whom already thoughts, feelings and emotions were governed by the brain.


After Galien’s experimental work, it was no longer possible to doubt that the seat of “the directing soul” was in the brain.


Since then, several research and studies have shown that from the time the brain begins to develop in the uterus until about two years of age, development is focused on the right hemisphere.


This is a vulnerable period for the brain, as it is particularly sensitive to some of the negative influences of the environment. Anything that interferes with prenatal development, the birth process, or healthy growth in the first two years of life can affect the growth of the right brain.


There can be many reasons behind this, such as a brain imbalance in one or both parents, the diet of mother and father, stress, excess weight in mom and dad, vitamin deficiency D in parents, high hormone levels, thyroid deficiency in mothers, exposure of the fetus to medication.


Harvard studies and other research also suggest a link between these events and a brain imbalance:

  • premature birth
  • birth by cesarean
  • birth in seat position
  • low birth weight
  • small size at birth
  • prolonged labor at delivery
  • complications with the umbilical cord
  • oxygen deprivation at birth
  • environmental pollutants


All of these points are possibly an explanation for why right brain impairment is more common than left brain impairment.

Note that research has also found a strong correlation between ADHD, autistic disorders, Asperger’s or Tourette’s syndromes with underdevelopment of the right brain.


I will help you in a future article to demystify the left brain of the right, in addition to naming you some of their characteristics.


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Mike Lapointe

Teacher, Institut Neuro Performance


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