INP- Neuro Training for Athlete or Rehabilitation Level 1

Neuro Training is the basis in functional training and rehabilitation which should be applied by training specialists, who want to use the potential of the brain and what millions of years of evolution in extreme conditions have put in place in our DNA.

This course will show you how many of the methods we use in the gym go against what our system wants and are therefore anti-evolutionary … or considerably slow down the athletic development of our clients. Stimulating or re-educating some of the systems that have been in place in our neuromuscular circuitry since the dawn of time can only facilitate the work that physical trainers do on a daily basis. The nervous system controls the muscles. The exteroceptors become the proprioceptors. Without a re-education of our perception of the environment and of ourselves, we are just wandering instead of performing or worse … waiting for injuries to arise.

Be part of the future of training, with this course which is the synthesis of a life and training from 7 countries.

No one has yet exploited this direction so deeply, dare to become the first!

Target audience: Open to everyone!
Particularly applicable to: Massage therapist, acupuncturist, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, trainer, physical trainer, athlete, physiotherapist / orthotherapist, posturologist, podiatrist, physical rehabilitation therapist, sports therapist, doctor …

Pre-requisite recommended, but not compulsory:
– INP1-The Ocular, Vestibular and Bioelectric Reeducation

What will you learn?

  • Assessment of training techniques to use, based on the needs of the cerebellum.
  • The impact on the brain of bilateral mono-articular training vs unilateral monoarticular training.
  • Pre-training neurological activation.
  • Relations between the cerebellum and the vestibular system. Champions of extender activation.
  • Rehabilitation of the vestibular and ocular system, INP.
  • Basics of chaotic training.
  • Active recovery, from a cognitive point of view, for sports reality.
  • The feet and the reflex zones: the first activators.
  • The homologous column and its uses for muscle activation.
  • Basic breathing rehabilitation.
  • Acetylcholine testing and nightshade theory.
  • The neurology behind the movement.
  • The technique of instant reset of the motor pattern.
  • Theoretical basis of postural tone.
  • Static posture vs. dynamic posture.
  • Interoceptors vs exteroceptors. The work of the 7 diaphragms in demo.
  • Hemispherical / ocular dominance vs metabolic functions.
  • Rebalancing of the hemispheres and the lagging muscles through music and eye movements.
  • Proprioception vs nociception.
  • Evaluation of the cerebellum.
  • How the brain reacts to movement.
  • Cross-linked-ponto-medullary formation.
  • Use of the deep anterior chain and the posterior superficial chain.
  • Opposite joint theory, the basis.
  • The muscle correlations in neurotherapy and energy medicine that are worth knowing about physical trainers and trainers.
  • Moreover !

The price include

  • 4 avant-garde training days
  • An assessment of knowledge.
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online monitoring with teachers and students


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Please note that training can be given in your region on demand with a minimum of 16 people for a single teacher and 20 people for two teachers. It must be entirely organized by the applicant. For more information on prices and possible agreements, contact us!