INP – Psychoposturology

Presented by Philippe Van Acker, Doctor in Psychology

This awareness training (Level 1) is intended to introduce you to the whole concept of psychopostural balance and the profession of psychoposturologist. It is followed by advanced training for those who wish to embark on this path.

The concept of psychopostural equilibration was created in 2010 by Dr in Psychology Philippe van Acker, and is based on an original synthesis of the numerous works carried out in psychology, then in neuropsychology, since the 19th century. It is currently being developed in collaboration with Nicolas Desjardins as part of a common general theory.

The concept of psychopostural balancing postulates that there are a large number of very varied symptoms, recalcitrant and / or recurrent to conventional treatments, the origin of which is found in the inadequate regulation of the basic tone. This tone does not concern only the muscles, but all the effectors of the nervous system (the vegetative, emotional and cognitive systems).

These inadequate regulations are reversible by means of specific sensory and motor stimulation, apart from any drug intervention, or any device (prostheses, orthoses, etc.). Normalization is then accompanied by a disappearance of the initial symptoms.

Without having established precise statistics, Dr. Philippe van Acker assesses 8-9 out of 10 patients who have seen disappear between 80 and 100% of their signs (subjective and objective) initially noted on the balance sheet. Their feedback, as well as that of health professionals who have sometimes sent it, speak for themselves. Which makes him say that psychoposturology is at the interface between the medical and the psychological, the hyphen that vanishes between the soma and the psyche, to use the term Winnicott.

Psychoposturology and its method can thus be described as the explanation and treatment of motor, emotional, vegetative and cognitive dysfunctions, by regulating the basic sensorimotor tone necessary for any optimal voluntary adaptive action scheme.

The fields of application are vast, such as injury prevention, rehabilitation, physical preparation, performance, support for healing, etc.

Target audience: Psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatrist, special educator, massage therapist, physiotherapist, osteopath, chiropractor, occupational therapist, trainer, physiotherapist / orthotherapist, posturologist, podiatrist, physical rehabilitation therapist, sports therapist…

Course planning

  • Why the inadequate regulation of tone occurs.
  • What are the mechanisms of motor, vegetative, emotional and cognitive dysfunctions.
  • What are the different recurring and recalcitrant symptoms generated.
  • What are the specific methodology and ethics of the psychoposturologist.
  • How a psychopostural assessment takes place.
  • What are the remediation tools used in clinical psychoposturology.
  • Why these tools are particularly effective.
  • The results obtained will be illustrated by clinical cases.

The price include

  • 4 avant-garde training days
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online follow-up with teachers and students
  • An assessment of knowledge


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