Quantum Jump and The Central Nervous System

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Presented by François Roux


  • Basic principles in posturology
  • Postural analysis – static and dynamic
  • What is tension and its influence on body stability
  • Fascias and central nervous system. The fascia is now recognized as the most sensory organ in the body. The way it interacts with the nervous system is very complex.
  • Physical body – energetic body: overview of quantum physics applied to energy therapies. We now know that everything is made up of energy and the human body is no exception. The more science advances, the more it shows that the body is linked to the Universe and that it interacts with it and its environment.
  • Attitude analysis – how the energetic body materializes in the physical world. You will be shown, with simple ways to reproduce, how the vital body can be perceived at the level of the physical body.
  • Stabilization of the central nervous system using the Quantum Jump. The proposed technology has been validated, by scientific studies, as being able to support the optimal activity of the central nervous system.
  • Options for optimizing podal afferences – regulation of plans (3 axes). The posture must be normalized in the 3 movement planes to bring lasting gains: frontal, transverse and sagittal.
  • Installation and potential modification of quantum soles (Quantum Jump Technology).
  • Presentation of ortho-postural insoles.

The price include

  • 1 avant-garde training day
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online follow-up with teachers and students
  • An assessment of knowledge


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