The Human Being in Front of The Therapist 

Presented by Joël Castanet and

Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN, Neurotherapy Expert, PhD student in Integrative Medicine


Open to everyone !

The primary goal of this training is to help the therapist to easily access the Being to improve the therapeutic relationship with the patient / client.

Form: presentation by Joël Castanet in interactivity with Nicolas Desjardins with whom he makes a debate in the form of a summary of the step.

Note: it is advisable to take a pause for reflexion at each step to facilitate your personal journey and send us your questions if you wish.

But, what Being are we talking about?

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Reference book: Liberating words, Joël Castanet, Éditions Volition

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Lesson Plan

The alternative trilogy which is proposed to you, will answer this question.

Part 1: Rodrigues, do you have a heart?

  • Here, the notion of Being will be defined in relation to the person who, as we know, is nobody.
  • At the end of this part, each therapist will be able to identify his own Being in order to communicate better.

Part 2: The 3rd breath (or continue when it is no longer possible)

  • Through examples doubly lived as a patient and a therapist, discover the inner journey of a patient.
  • At this stage, the therapist will understand how his patient organizes his daily life with his caregivers.

Part 3: The patient’s perspective

  • Here, you will be explained how the Conscious Being will face the outside world and more particularly the health environment.
  • At this stage, the therapist will grasp finely how he can interact with each case while making the best use of his Being.


  • The experience of his quality of Being in front of that of therapist then becomes positive resilience for his future patients.
  • The relationship will no longer be a simple caregiver-caregiver meeting but a fruitful exchange between two fully human beings.

Training workshop available

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The Alternative by Being, the summary of which is as follows:


2-The company as established

3-The foundations of society

  • Why has society built rules to achieve harmony?
  • Who promulgates these rules of harmony?
  • Can being positively benefit from the rules of harmony in society?
  • How does Being deal with the rules of harmony?

4-The alternative in theory

  • The alternative to the general rule
  • The alternative in healthcare

5-The alternative in practice

  • General alternative
  • Alternative health


The price include

  • 2 avant-garde training days
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online follow-up with teachers and students
  • An assessment of knowledge


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Please note that training can be given in your region on demand with a minimum of 16 people for a single teacher and 20 people for two teachers. It must be entirely organized by the applicant. For more information on prices and possible agreements, contact us!