Level 2-The Use of Energy Pathways

Presented by Nicolas Desjardins, BHS, CPN, Neurotherapy Expert, PhD Student in Integrative Medecine

What will you learn?

  • The postural differences observed during a functional lesion of the cerebellum, of the cross-linked ponto-medullary formation or of the inner ear.
  • Evaluate and understand (in a traditional and functional way) the relationships of the cranial nerves and their implications in the person’s health, in order to better understand if part of the brain is overweight or under-capacity.
  • Use the cranial nerves to optimize the functions of the brainstem and posture. If the cranial nerves are not functioning optimally, several asymmetries may appear in the assessments.
  • The use of colored and pinhole glasses, to stimulate the unconscious visual pathways, the intraocular muscles, as well as the cranial nerves.
  • The theory of light therapy and its uses for health and performance.
  • The theory of chromotherapy and its uses for health and performance.
  • Known links between meridians, chakras and musculoskeletal structures, as well as their interactions will be demonstrated during training.
  • Vertebral, nervous and muscular correspondences, as well as muscular actions, in order to improve and refine your clinical analyzes.
  • The known theory and the use of the Neuro Performance Institute of the parvocellular, magnocellular and koniocellular pathways, for health and performance. These pathways provide access to different parts of the brain that cannot be reached with our hands, and often are linked to complex body memories that are essential to lift during a rehabilitation process.
  • An accelerated technique for correcting energy blockages in the vital body, using the hands, combined with possible links with the mental sphere.

Course planning

  • Demonstration in muscle testing and integration of level 1 techniques.
  • Cerebellum or FRPM? Identify postural disorders originating from the brain stem or cerebellum.
  • Theory and practice of light therapy, including stimulation of the magno, parvo and koniocellular pathways.
  • Theory and practice of chromotherapy, including the use of colored glasses.
  • Theory and introductory practice for traditional and / or functional evaluation and stimulation of the cranial nerves, as well as the use of external tools, such as pinhole glasses, medical tuning fork, elastic bands, rubbing alcohol, essential oils, etc.
  • Theory on the known links between meridians, chakras, colors, elements and musculoskeletal structures.
  • Practice of the accelerated technique for correcting energy blockages.
  • Presentation of alternative techniques on a guest external patient.
  • Delivery of certificates and questions.

The price include

  • 3 avant-garde training days
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online follow-up with teachers and students
  • An assessment of knowledge


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