What You Have Never Been Taught to Become The Best In Your Field!

Presented by Simon St-Jean, B. Sc. Kin., Posturologist, Neurotherapist and Specialist in Nutritional Bioavailability

Today, we are no longer in an era where we apply therapeutic (or other) care without giving added value to our client. The best therapists are no longer the greatest technical specialists, those with the most knowledge or those with the most qualifications. They are the ones who are able to understand the needs of their customers and make a difference in their lives!

The best therapists are the ones that everyone follows with their eyes closed.

During this training, you will learn to give value to your consultations and to become a reference in front of your client. This will build loyalty and increase the relationship of respect between you.

During these two days, we will work to optimize your strengths and reduce the impact of your weaknesses.

After all, who doesn’t want to be seen by their customers as a benchmark without their domain?

Target audience: any health or sports specialist!

Course planning

  • How to create a relationship of trust with your client.
  • Learn how to communicate better with your client, based on different personality types.
  • How to become a reference in the eyes of his client.
  • How to develop empathy and active listening.
  • How to ensure your client that what you are doing is the best thing for him.
  • How to make sure your customer feels that he is important to you.
  • How to develop an optimal client monitoring / support methodology.
  • What to do when a customer cancels an appointment.
  • How to maximize the efficiency of your time slots.
  • How to get the schedule you really want.
  • Moreover !

The price include

  • 2 avant-garde training days
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online monitoring with teachers and students


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If you have any questions, please contact us, a member of our team will answer you with pleasure.

Please note that training can be given in your region on demand with a minimum of 16 people for a single teacher and 20 people for two teachers. It must be entirely organized by the applicant. For more information on prices and possible agreements, contact us!