How do electromagnetic fields, including the famous 5G, affect us?

We are hearing more and more about 5G on social media these days.

And with good reason, because the electromagnetic fields in which we bathe every day are very harmful to the living.

Let’s not forget that electromagnetic fields are not only produced for WIFI. They are everywhere. WIFI, Bluetooth, radio, high-voltage electric tower, everything powered by electricity, etc.


Not long ago, the only important electromagnetic field that we knew of was the one produced by the Earth. Today, we produce electromagnetic waves of different frequencies to transmit different information. The problem is that we rarely replace one type of wave for another, we stack them. We therefore continually bathe in a variety of electromagnetic waves of various shapes and frequencies, entirely created by man, that is to say far from being natural. Today, we estimate our exposure to electromagnetic fields is 1 quintillion time greater than 10 years ago, that is to say 1 x 1018 or if you prefer 1 000 000 000 000 000 000…it’s a lot!


But why make so much noise for 5G?

In short, the wave produced in this case is shorter and carries less far, so it needs more relay antennas, one to 2 to 8 houses, to be transmitted to the point of arrival. Knowing that the power of a wave decreases with distance to the source, the location of all its antennas will expose us to constant proximity to the source and therefore to much higher powers.


One of the great researchers in the field, Dr. Martin Pall, warns us that at the rate we are going humanity should die out within 5 to 7 years. He also said that we should all fall infertile within a few years and, again, within 1 to 2 years with the introduction of 5G. Still, I believe that the living has a capacity for adaptation and that we should not take these statements literally. That said, they are alarming enough to worry about it and try to act now.


Despite being told the opposite, there are an awful lot of scientific studies that support the following information.

EMFs are now known to cause the following effects in your body:

  1. Attack the nervous system including the brain which has the effect of causing certain neurological disorders.
  2. Attack the endocrine system; the hormonal system.
  3. Produce oxidative stress; free radicals.
  4. Attack the DNA of our cells inducing strand breakage.
  5. Generate apoptosis (programmed cell death) significantly
  6. Cause a drop in fertility and an increase in spontaneous abortion
  7. Produce excess intracellular calcium
  8. Attack the cells of our body causing cancer
  9. Increase the permeability of the blood-brain barrier


The most common symptoms we can see of sensitivity to EMFs are:

  • infertility, loss of libido
  • memory loss / lack of concentration
  • fatigue / sleeping problem
  • headache
  • skin problem (redness, irritation, burning sensation)
  • muscle / joint pain
  • visual or auditory disorders
  • heart problem / high pressure
  • anxiety / depression
  • stomach or intestinal disorder
  • dizziness
  • asthma / allergies / respiratory / lung disorders
  • sensitivity to light / eye problem
  • numbness
  • confusion
  • speech difficulty
  • weakness
  • nausea / poor health
  • cramps / tremors
  • irritability
  • fainting


Some studies also claim that the exposure may be related to diabetes, ADHD / ADD in children, autism and increased symptoms in people with multiple sclerosis.


Unfortunately, we cannot fully protect ourselves from electromagnetic waves, however we can make choices that will improve our defenses and decrease our exposure.


What are the first guidelines to follow?

– Keep yourself healthy, through diet and physical activity!

– At night, we protect ourselves by putting our phone in airplane mode!

-We avoid keeping our cell phone or tablet on us, we use headphones or the speaker and we never keep it in our pockets!

-We decrease our exposure! Activities in the woods, or without any technology … it is possible and it will make you feel good!


Want to know more about how to protect yourself?

Follow the latest news on our training which will soon be available online!


In this training we will cover topics such as:

  • The basic principles
  • The different types of radiation that we find in our daily life
  • The impacts on living things
  • How to protect ourselves and our children (food, supplementation, protection with products, daily habits, etc.)
  • How to protect our house
  • BONUS: choice of materials for the construction or renovation of a house


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Alexandra Parenteau, B. Ing.


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