I don’t have to remind you of the situation we are currently experiencing. However, I must remind you of your commitments to yourself. This is the job of an extraordinary coach.

You have chosen to take the first steps, you have decided to take a personal journey towards health and well-being. You wanted to change your habits, learn how to train well without injury. You have requested the assistance of a coach. Today, this beautiful intention to take care of you has just died out with a snap of your finger? I don’t believe it for a moment. You are better than that. There is no room for abandonment.

Right now, the only things that have changed are your benchmarks. A well-inked routine that has been uprooted like an old oak. A new tree can be replanted, here is how you can do it:

  • Do you think your favorite trainer expected that, not at all. He too is working around the clock to find a solution to your problem. If he hasn’t contacted you so far, take the lead and do it. Maybe you will be able to give him a genius idea!
  • Your life structure has changed. You must create another routine as well planned as the previous one. Personally, I have a staff member who wakes me up at the same time, I plan my meetings for the day and my daily tasks: lunch, training, studies, web planning, training programming (yes, I am already on duty online with motivating people), late readings and web content creation. It’s your turn to use your smart calendar and build your new routine.
  • Your food formula is different? No, do your necessary grocery shopping or order dishes online which will be delivered to your home. If grocery shopping is your option, then go to your cauldrons! Prepare your meals and snacks as usual. A closed gym is not synonymous with “chips on the sofa in sweat pants”. You need to eat properly and even more than usual if your training is neutral. Some are at home with nothing to do but learn to cook. Your tasteless chicken and your broccoli in the water, leave that to the “fitness bikini”. Take the time to try new recipes with the foods available to you. Be creative!
  • Training … Yes, you had a plan in hand specially designed for the gym and personalized for you. You have almost nothing at home? Don’t worry, your coach is no fool. He should very well master the mechanics of the human body and build you a series of exercises according to your needs.

Interesting fact: Did you know that I have already taught group lessons in a fitness center where the only training tool was car tires. We had a list of over 300 exercises with these tires. The concept of this center is great: “Do more with less”. Today, this concept resonates in my head like never before.

Ultimately, you are in control. You choose if you accept your fate or if you take this unfortunate situation to turn it into an opportunity. I see people who train harder than ever, I see coaches who are bothering to offer you quality content. Your strength of character will be demonstrated in the coming months.


Ian Verner-Gauthier

(Naturopath, Coach, Fascial Stretch Therapist, Coach INP)


“Live consultations at 50% off for the duration of the containment measures. It is a way to thank you for your support and support you in this ordeal.”

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