Neurotherapy, quantum physics and holographic universe

Since ancient times, humans have sought to understand reality. The philosophers of the time, scholars of all kinds, scientists, architects, spiritual masters who paraded over the centuries, spent their lives defying the laws of physics to understand the advent of matter.

Science knows that what we call and perceive as matter is actually 99.99% void. Today, according to the model of holographic universe proposed by Nassim Haramein (Resonance Academy), the explanation of the realization of mass in space-time probably answers many unanswered questions, both in the spiritual and scientific world.

Indeed, the emptiness does not exist!!! It is filled with a big electromagnetic broth … In his theory, a perfect balance has no reason to materialize. You can imagine a fish in the water, he is probably not aware of the water around him. However, if you start to disturb the water by creating a movement, it becomes noticeable … Ditto when you empty the bathtub, as long as the water does not have a sufficient rotational force, you do not see a whirlpool …

Another interesting principle: How is Time born?

Is time imaginable without memory? Without memory we could become aware of what we call reality? François Englert, Nobel Prize in Physics in 2013, has proven that it is a large electromagnetic molasses which gives matter its mass (with the Higgs boson), and that the whole universe spends its time organizing, disorganize and reorganize a little later (further?).

The holographic principle: Planck area composing the surface of a black hole

1 – Preeminent and decisive hypothesis in theoretical physics, the holographic principle is currently used in a large number of theories, it constitutes in particular one of the basic bases of theories with quantum gravity. The main pillar of string physics, today it resolves the information paradox, offers an elegant framework for quantum gravity or even simplifies calculations in condensed matter physics.

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The universe would therefore be a large memory foam (like a reel of 3D film that would scroll infinitely quickly) in which our intention records what we are going to achieve. When I decide for example to sit down, I indirectly give the information to my energetic body to register movement in space-time in the form of a physical body.

In order to ensure the consistency of material reiteration, the universe, like us, works mainly out of habit (our unconscious functioning ~ 96% of the cerebral calculation) and is based on execution patterns specific to each species, both mineral and organic… Just as our small conscious potential allows us to evolve and to make choices, the universe would also have a capacity for learning, this is called morphogenetic fields or morphic resonance (thesis of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake).

Therefore, we have all the ingredients to build reality:

  • A mass realization medium (the holographic universe) – the physical body.
  • A morphic resonance that reproduces habits in electromagnetic foam – motor patterns and reflexes.
  • A power of intention that allows the recording of movement in space-time – the voluntary functioning and physical awareness of our body.

How does neurotherapy fit into this scheme?

The nervous system works as follows (short version): our somatic sensory sensors (touch, smell, inner ear, sight, proprioception, photonic charge (amount of light absorbed by the eye), etc.) as well as our visceral sensors (digestive system), continuously analyzes our position in space. The brain modulates this information and orders the activation sequences of muscle chains, glands, digestive system, etc.

Receivers / effectors

Netter Anatomy Atlas

Imagine that the sensory system is the person who types on a keyboard, the brain would be the computer; and the functional system, the printed sheet. How likely is it that the paper will come out flawlessly if the typist makes lots of mistakes before pressing “Print”? A large part of current therapies recovers the sheet with its errors, trace a word, add commas, etc. But mistakes are always on paper … Isn’t it more consistent to learn to make fewer mistakes before printing?

We believe that the physical body is a realization and a projection in space-time of an energetic body (memory awareness and intention). Therefore, we hold the two main axes of our therapeutic specialization:

  • The global sensory re-afferentation which consists in determining which erroneous information causes functional faults and in solving them one by one (as far as possible).
  • Make the mental body aware of the emotional brakes and cognitive biases that prevent the energetic body from freeing itself from certain epigenetic anchors.

Who are the Neurotherapists?

They are solutions developers, not problem watchers. We know that our sensory system is the executive director of our functioning. Paying attention to the symptoms will only allow naming the disease or dysfunction, but will not necessarily allow us to know the cause …

Finally, the normalization of the sensory system normalizes almost all the symptoms on the condition of falling on the gravel which disturbs the train… Debugging the sensory, reflex, functional and mental memories can do small miracles… See below!

Practical application in neurotherapeutic treatment

Note that NO joint mobilization has been performed. There is also no diagnosis made by the practitioner and the measurements of scoliosis come from the medical clinic. It’s a job done with a doctor. Nervous system stimuli are choices based on clinical impressions and are not applicable to anyone other than this client. Neurotherapists’ practice rights vary between countries, and the Neuro Performance Institute is not responsible for the use students make of them once taught. However, we have chosen to show you an interesting case, for the good of the community, which has the right to know that alternatives are possible and that the collaboration of the medical community would be greatly appreciated in cases where they have not equally effective results in this type of pathology.

Case: 9 year old girl, scoliosis of 21.3 ° and dyslexic, wearing a corset for several months.

Basic analysis

Left: 01/01/2020 16h10 – Right: 01/01/2020 16h12

  • Large deviation of the spine
  • Unbalance of pelvic scales and scapulars.
  • Shoulder rotation to the left
  • Podal hypotonia (sagging feet)

INP neurotherapy treatment protocol

Left: 01/01/2020 16h12-Right: 01/01/2020 16h19


  • No priority bioelectric disorder
  • Poorly inhibited plantar reflex
  • Weak podal afferences (5th department – bilateral, left heel)
  • Zone stimulation with an INP – Fascia Tool
  • The pelvic girdle is balanced
  • The vertebral trunk deviates strongly to the left, the pelvis no longer balances scoliosis …


  • Gain in podal tone
  • External femoral rotation
  • Tilt left + leaning coli

Inner ear and eye dials + Nick’s Technique

  • Left anterior semicircular canal disorder. Correction by stimulation of the fluid in the endolymph by hopping in a precise angle.
  • Eye frame disorder 9, training and stabilization of the system by ocular jerks in a precise angle.

Nick’s technique: stimulation of the thalamic pathways by lumino-chromotherapy in one eye

01/01/2020 16h44

Detection of mesencephalic overload by the left magnocellulars pathways (directing eye)

  • Tone test with the 10 chromo colors (strong electromagnetic length: purple)
  • Unbalance of photonic charges by the right eye


  • The muscular tensions in the back suddenly disappeared
  • The scoliosis deviation seems to be greatly reduced

Left: 01/01/2020 16h12-Middle: 01/01/2020 16h19-Right: 0/01/2020 16h42

  • Following the sensory realignment, the scapular and pelvic scales have returned well.
  • Leaning coli disappeared after normalization of the vestibular and ocular system.
  • The genus varus is greatly reduced, we can note the tonic increase in the foot …
  • The trunk still lacks a lot of tone. The shoulders are good, however we can see a big gap between his right flank and his arm.

Energy pathways: Meridians and Chakras


  • Detection of a void in the meridian of the gallbladder.
  • Affected muscles: popliteal and anterior deltoids.
  • Emotion: difficulty making choices, making decisions.
  • The positive affirmation usually used with INP being unable to speak at 9 years, I build an integration sentence in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).


  • Weak Solar Plexus Chakra.
  • Presumably linked to a lack of ego, lack of self-confidence.
  • Integration of the sentence: “I am powerful and I use my power wisely. “


Result after one hour of treatment

Left to right: 01/01/2020 16h10 – 16h12 – 16h19 -16h42 – 17h08 – 17h09

Au vu de ce qui précède, il semble évident que travailler sur la cohérence sensorielle et corriger le champ morphogénétique de chacun, permet sans grandes manipulations invasives d’obtenir des résultats stupéfiants !!!

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