Posture and pain

The posture, everyone talks about it, but few understand it.

Do you think you have bad posture? Let’s talk about it!

It is said that posture depends on your work position or your lifestyle, however, you should not fall into the common error. Posture, in an initial context, is not voluntary, it is involuntary. That said, to have a permanent result on your pain or bad posture, you have to go back to basics, and that foundation is motor and sensory development.

In our articles, you will learn that posture influences not only systems related to your muscle tension, but also to your ability to manage your emotions and cognitive functions.

It is interesting to know that the greatest stress for human beings to date has been fighting gravity.

What if I told you that the majority of customers who complain of chronic pain find it difficult to stand on one foot?

We are talking here about muscle tension. The basic human being comes into the world with a high muscle tone, and it is through the development of our senses and the acquisition of our motor tasks that the tone decreases.

The question then arises: ‘’ Can a balance disorder cause us to experience more stress on a daily basis and have more muscle tension in adulthood?

Can you stand on one foot without using your arms to help you balance?

Are you able to at least place one foot in front of the other on the ground without losing your balance?

What I tend to notice in the clinic in my clients who cannot perform these types of tests is significant muscle tension, high tone around their spine, particularly close to the neck, shoulders, lower and middle back. There will also be an increase in the sensitivity of neural receptors in the muscles, as if they were still in protective mode.

Good posture is one that stands on good foundations.

Be on the lookout for our next publication: you will learn how to test them on yourself or on your colleagues!

Do you think you will pass the tests?

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