Scars disturb the brain

Did you know that the skin is negatively charged, while a scar is a positively charged tissue. These two tissues must obviously join together so that the wound closes. It is a different wound current and necessary, at the beginning, because the voltage will be different in a damaged tissue or organ, in order to accelerate its healing. Imagine two magnets: a positive and a negative will stick together, while two of the same polarity will repel each other endlessly.

Surgical scars are by far the worst, accompanied by burns and sometimes even tattoos. It would seem that the link is with the fact that the scar tissue does not complete its healing phases properly, in some cases.

These phases are:

– The inflammatory

– The proliferation

– The remodeling

In the case of a surgical scar, the affected tissues must be perceived as a tree, where the roots will become entangled with the other tissues. This scar tissue is made up of collagen and is positively charged. The more collagen accumulates, the less the organism seems to be able to manage its electrical balance. This is why the types of metals that dissipate charges badly are absolutely to be avoided.

The body is covered with scars, which are not always as visible as it is believed: operations, caesareans, breast implants, muscle tears, enlargement, injection sites (vaccines, diabetes, tattoos, steroids …), sutures cranial, etc.

A scar leads to a host of problems in the body, including loss of mobility or muscle contractility, skin or muscle pain, loss of feeling, tension, malfunction of certain organs, damage to the meridians (energetic) , damage to kinetic chains, hormonal imbalance as well as the rise of adrenaline (hypoglycemic hormone) and cortisol resulting in insulin resistance, fat gain and fatigue of the nervous system.

And yes, it is therefore possible that health complications appear after an operation, which were not there before, either by the accumulation of collagenous tissue or by the overload of the sympathetic nervous system and the hormonal and neuromuscular cascade which results from it.

However, do not panic, not all scars can be considered pathological. Fortunately, everything can be tested, using the nervous system as a marker. A person with a more efficient nervous system could more optimally resist external stressors (which the body was not born with).

In the INP 1 – Level 1 course from the Institut Neuro Performance, we teach in depth these mechanisms and the applicable corrections, in addition to the problems that jewelry can cause on the body (to come in a future publication).

Here is an example of a bioelectric correction on the scar on the arm, which improved the extension of the elbow.

Improved mobility after scar treatment

Hope to see you in class or know you at one of our online training 😊.

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