Technology – A Major Ally

Technology is currently the only tool that allows us to communicate, but also to apply a ton of habits to our daily lives. I would like to list a series of smartphone applications that will be useful when you want to accumulate information about your progress. Are you recovering well? Is your training optimized? Do you really know?

Application # 1: Sleep Cycle.

This application requires placing the cell phone on the night table “ON AIRPLANE MODE”. You measure the quality of your sleep, in percentage, based on the return of sound and vibration. It’s free and fairly reliable over a long accumulation of data.

Application # 2: HeadSpace App.

This application will greatly help you to empty yourself during certain stressful moments of your life or just before going to bed. You have 10 free lessons and if you like the app, you can purchase it annually. It is nice to suggest meditation to a member, but they must learn how to do it.

Application # 3: Elite HRV + Polar H7-H10 Tape.

This application and the polar tape are the most precise tools on the market today, in order to quantify your recovery. When you wake up, you tie the tape, go back to bed for 5 minutes and start the application.

This offers 2 types of results:

– Sympathetic mode: In a pictorial way, you fought against a bear during your sleep. Your body is under stress. You must rest.

– Parasympathetic mode: You are well rested; your body is in “rest and digestion” mode. This is very important and necessary in case stress management is an objective for you.


Application # 4: Heart Rate

When you wake up, take your heart beat for 2 to 4 weeks: you will then have an average on which to base yourself for the rest. The larger the database, the more precise it is.

Possible result 1:
The same result as your average and even more. You can attack your training with maximum intensity.

Possible result 2: Every morning, take your beating at rest. If they exceed 5% of your normal level, you will need to reduce your training volume by 30 to 50%.

Possible result 3: If your beats exceed 10% of your average, your recovery is not optimal and does not allow you a high intensity training. In these circumstances, you should rather opt for a 20 to 30 minutes cardio session, at moderate intensity, a relaxing yoga session, a walk in nature or a stretching session. In short, you need rest, which can be done actively.


Hoping that you will use these tools and that you will be able to approach your training more effectively. For me it’s a big positive change in my performance. I have never had better results than by adopting these methods.


To learn more about the methods I use in the management of life balance and athletic performance, I offer training on the subject in collaboration with the Institut Neuro Performance:


Hope to meet you!


-Coach Ian Verner-Gauthier


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