The behaviors of the left and right brain

The left brain is the brain of positive emotions, such as being happy, curious, motivated, friendly, loving, and eager to learn. This is the positive side of the brain. A child or adult with left brain retardation may find themselves shy, insecure, lazy, antisocial, fearful or even depressed. He or she will not only have few approach behaviors, but also a lot of avoidance behaviors. This is what you see in children with dyslexia and / or with learning disabilities.

The right brain is the brain of negative emotions, and we have them for good reason.

It is emotions like fear that would prevent a child from crossing a busy intersection.

The right brain prevents the left brain from getting out of control, acting impulsively and inappropriately. This allows the child or adult to act with caution and to sense danger when it is present.

A child with right brain retardation is likely to be hyperactive, oppositional, disruptive, and aggressive. These are the classic symptoms of ADHD.

For all the parents who follow us on the media, the best way to approach your child in all matters of authority and punishment is to go according to their imbalance (if any).

Left brain imbalance: use positive reinforcement in your interventions.

Right brain imbalance: use negative reinforcement in your interventions.

What does that mean? Research has shown that children react better to consequences and situations depending on the emotion given off by the out of balance brain.

Here is an example :

If your child shows inappropriate behavior towards you (the parents), the consequence for the child with left imbalance (positive reinforcement) would be that he will have to apologize to you if he wants to play with his friends later.

A child with a right brain imbalance needs to be confronted in a different way (negative reinforcement). The consequence would rather be to say to him: “You will have to clean the dishes after the meal.”

If you think your child is experiencing an imbalance, we can help. Consult as needed.

To learn more about hemispherical imbalances, sensory integration and primitive reflexes, this is part of the course content of our training:

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