The benefits of cold

Nicolas Desjardins has spoken to us a lot about the benefits of cold on the body recently. For a very long time, we heard “Be careful, you’re going to catch a cold!”, but only had one side of the coin.


We will talk to you about all the benefits in detail soon, but for now, here is a simple list:


– It stimulates our metabolism by activating our brown fats. These generate heat and help regulate our body temperature by burning white fats (the ones we don’t like!)


– It improves sleep, as restful sleep is between 15 to 19 degrees. And yes, when the temperature of the body increases, in particular the brain, as our partner Dr Hervé Thomas would say, the organism must make more efforts to lower its temperature, thus disturbing sleep!


– The cold helps detoxify our body, using the muscular system, which produces micro-contractions under exposure to cold. This contracts the lymphatic vessels, which transport waste products to the elimination areas.


– It improves mood, increasing the production of norepinephrine and beta-endorphins. These improve attention and alertness.


As it helps sleep and wake up, no excuse for the most beneficial time of day)


Here is Nicolas in infrared, before and after a shower.

Note the drastic differences in body temperature.


Morning or evening for you?


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