The optometrist

The body of the caller constantly sends you signals and vice versa.

If you don’t believe it yet, just ask yourself the following questions:

-When someone is happy, sad or frightened, do I really need him to verbalize it or can I see it already on his facial expression?

-Can I detect if someone is interested in what I am telling them, or if they find me annoying, only by witnessing their reactions?

You certainly know the answer to this question: Sure!


But if the two previous situations seem obvious to decode, this is not always the case.

Some reactions are easily decipherable, it’s true.

But most of the time, what makes up a reaction is a strange recipe for subtleties that are less easy to decipher.

This is why training in the interpretation of body language is a great ally, both professionally and personally.

Unfortunately, non-verbal communication is a bit like buying glasses for sight …


We think we can see, believing that nothing escapes our vision because we are hardly able to conceive of being able to improve this faculty.

Rarely pride, sometimes denial, more often ignorance, the result is always the same when we receive our prescription glasses for the first time:

“WHOA! “

Showing a broad smile, eyes wide open, we are suddenly aware of what had always been present but which we did not see. Our vision was functional, of course, but… all these little details adding so many nuances!

Once the synergological glasses in our eyes, the clues emanating from this universal language seem to us so obvious!


Would you like to see?

We will teach you how to become optometrists for the non-verbal.


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Manuel Constant, Syner-go


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