Why do our diseases never heal? Part 2

To sum up article 1, we are cells that bathe in two main fluids: blood and lymph.


The health of these two liquids is essential for that of the cell, as these liquids nourish it and evacuate waste.


Imagine the cell as a newborn baby. She does produce energy, but what she does is eat and defecate whatever mommy gives her (both liquids). It is a big mistake to focus on the cell without addressing liquids.


If the baby is not cleaned of his stool, what will happen? A burn on the skin, traces of itching.


Why does tissue burn if the waste remains in contact instead of being removed quickly?


Lymph is a liquid made from lipids. Mucus can be found everywhere in the body by stimulating the mucous membranes, which are part of the lymphatic system and produce mucus (example with a finger in the cheeks, etc.).


Creating mucus is an ingenious and essential way for the body to protect itself from proteins, which are acids and therefore have the potential to acidify tissues.


No matter where you look in the body, spinal cord, muscle or organ, you will have blood and lymph to help nourish and cleanse different types of cells.


The lipids you absorb get into the lymphatic system and there is a very important reason for this.


This lymphatic system is a transporter for fatty acids from the small intestine to the liver, is also part of the spinal fluid and carries wastes from the cells, to the lymph nodes and to the kidneys.


The kidneys are the key to wellness, they are the elimination organs of the lymphatic system.


The skin, our integumentary system, can be seen as our third kidney! It is a vital elimination system, the nodes of which are at the subcutaneous level. That’s why we see so many skin problems, rashes, psoriasis, eczema. These are signs of cellular sweat exhibited by the skin. When we see such extreme traces on the outside of the body, it is because our other two kidneys are not functioning well.


There should be sediment in the urine. Doctors however want to see clear urine. This would mean that there is no waste that passes out of the body through urine.


Isn’t that crazy?


If you don’t filter your cellular waste through your kidneys, where does it go?

They return to the interstitial fluid (the one that surrounds the cell).


It’s great, now we can get a diagnosis of inflammation of the interstitial fluid.


It should be remembered that our bodies are constantly in contact with toxins, including aluminum, mercury, etc.


We must clean the ground, this famous interstitial liquid around the cells.


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