Why do our diseases never heal?

What is allopathic medicine looking at now when it observes a person’s body? The skin, limbs, etc., but what does it really see?

It could evaluate to the smallest, down to atoms and their arrangements. The body is made up of around 100,000 billion cells. Fifty years ago, that number was only 76000 billion, so we can expect this to increase even more as technology advances.

According to Dr. Robert Moore, the evaluation process in medicine is a total mistake. He believes that all diseases can be completely cured, if we understand the basic functions of the body and take care of the entire health of the system and our symptoms.

Unfortunately, the principle of diagnosis keeps people sick and the cause is never addressed. In the end, this led to statistics of tons of people judged with incurable diseases.

For example, people do not die from tuberculosis, but from treatment for tuberculosis. In his clinic, people recover from it.

Medication not working? Allopathic medicine will keep increasing the doses, increasing the chemo, + this and that. The body, no longer supporting chemical treatments, ended up dying.

“Next patient!”

We must stop seeing the liver, spleen, ovaries and so on as a group of cells for every organ.

Obviously, some groups of cells become muscle cells, others endocrine, others neurons …

However, our body functions as a large unit, in a whole where each cell has its importance and interacts with the others in the form of collaboration.

Cells can carry pain and memories.

If you look at the body in quantum medicine, you understand very quickly that everything is frequencies of electromagnetic energy and that these energy frequencies are nothing but streams of thoughts. These thought flows come from Consciousness ” Dr Moore.

We will discuss this in more detail shortly.

Coming back to the body, it is only considered a bunch of cells AND two main fluids: blood (minority fluid) and lymphatic and interstitial fluid (around the cell) (majority fluids).

Who is he around the cell? Space filled with liquid. All of these liquids require exceptional tubing in the body, just as it would in a house. There is three times more lymphatic fluid in the blood than there is blood!

Now we know of the existence of the lymphatic system, which joins the brain and includes cerebrospinal fluids.

LYMPHoma – LYMPHatic.

All cancers therefore originate from the lymph.

The lymph travels to each cell and participates in the elimination of their waste.

Why is all the money and effort focused on the cell, but no one ever talks to us or takes care of our lymph in classical medicine? The bill is growing and people are staying sick, while the lymph is still waiting to be addressed in the equation.

What do you think?

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P.s. The lymphatic system is assessed and can be normalized!