Wondering how to optimize your child’s physical development and attention?

Wondering how to optimize your child’s physical development and attention? 👇🏼


CAPSULE 3: The Vestibular System


The vestibular system is one of the main systems that help children fight gravity. This system is extremely important during the development of the child, because it promotes balance, activation of the posterior chain, and stability of the neck.


Here are some signs that you can see during a vestibular deficit:

  • Difficulty with balance
  • Low muscle tone (extremely flexible)
  • Fear of heights, swings, carousels and elevators
  • Easily disoriented
  • Clumsy
  • Walking or was walking on the toes


Is it your child? If so, it is possible to improve this imbalance.



Walk (or walk it) 30 steps on the spot, with your eyes closed. In this way, it is possible to stress the vestibular system. Now open your eyes. Has your body moved from its starting position?



EXERCISE: VOR (vestibulo-ocular reflex)

Place your child’s legs in walking positions. Ask the child to focus both eyes on his thumb and tell him to turn his head to one side as quickly as he can, while keeping his eyes fixed on his thumb. Make it do 10-20 times on the same side without stopping. The child should be able to keep their eyes on their thumb at all times.


OPTION 1. The more the eyes look away from the thumb, the more underactive the reflex is. The exercise should then be performed on this side.


OPTION 2. If the child is able to maintain contact with the thumb, but experiences dizziness afterwards, it is a sign that the reflex is overactive on this side. This means that you have to do the exercise to the opposite side.


OPTION 3. If the reflex is underactive or hyperactive on both sides, it is a sign of an overall vestibular dysfunction, so the exercise should be performed on both sides.


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