INP-The Missing Link, by Steve Moratto

Are you a health and fitness professional that is on a mission to help your clients:

  1. Increase energy and vitality
  2. Reduce their systemic inflammation
  3. Improve their body composition and ratios
  4. Get rid of their chronic pain issues
  5. Restore equilibrium and homeostasis
  6. Increase their performance in their sport or in their chosen profession
  7. Improve their autoimmune condition to diminish or eliminate their symptoms by finding the root cause
  8. Improve their mental health


If you are a physical therapist, chiropractor, nutritionist, dietician, strength coach, osteopath, massage therapist, psychologist or trauma therapist… then this 2 day workshop is a MUST ATTEND.

Within this workshop you will learn how to assess your clients to determine if they are out of homeostasis.  Our specially designed test kits have small vials that are infused with the frequencies of very specific items.  The test kit will facilitate obtaining crucial information, which may be holding your client back from achieving their goals or getting their health back to optimal levels.

Assessment of parasites or heavy metals will reveal appropriate and effective treatment strategies for those suffering from chronic pain or fatigue.  Assessment of fungus, ie. Candida will reveal the origin of cravings for sweets, breads, pastas, fruit, and refined sugar all while having a very challenging time losing body fat.  Assessment and education of toxic loads will help your clients alleviate many of the health challenges they are currently facing.  The genetic factors which affect us will be revealed as well.  Some clients are better detoxifiers than others based upon their genetic make-up.  In this course, you will learn about this and methods to aid your clients clear out the massive toxic burdens which are placed upon us today.

If you are not testing, you are guessing!

Lab testing is very expensive and trying to find solutions for your clients is not always easy nor affordable.  Well, in this workshop you will gain the tools that will help you find the answers your clients have been seeking.  For instance, let’s say you find your client has an abundance of parasites and too much aluminum in their body and their complaint is difficult weight loss, stomach cramps and pain, weak core and chronic fatigue, especially after eating.  Very quickly within minutes actually, you may find these answers for them without having to gather up a stool sample, urine analysis or blood work.  You simply put them on a protocol to deal with the parasites and heavy metal toxicity and their symptoms begin to disappear within a few short weeks.

Learning outcome

  • Muscle testing using (chromotherapy) colour therapy to determine what colours strengthen your client and what colour weakens them. Don’t worry if you are not proficient in muscle testing as you will learn how to muscle test properly in this workshop.
  • Learning use of our specialized test kits of frequency based vials you will learn how to test for pathogens, excess bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, EMF, radiation, etc. You will also be able to check for mineral deficiencies.
  • Recommending essential oils and herbs your client will require.
  • Recommending the best nutritional supplements and nutrition plans to help your client re-gain their optimal health.
  • Recommending nutrition plans based upon their individual needs.
  • Forming strategies on application of bioenergy patches, that may help speed up your client’s results.
  • Recognizing and assessing what glands and organs need support.
  • Assessing the meridians of the body. If any of the meridians are not functioning properly what you may do to help them.

The price include

  • 2 avant-garde training days
  • Custom ordered (Chromotherapy) coloured lenses required for use with the test kits.
  • An e-document of the complete presentation
  • A certificate
  • Online monitoring with teachers and students


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If you have any questions, please contact us, a member of our team will answer you with pleasure.